Penis Surgery

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April 19, 2019

One sure solution to penis enlargement is through the process of penis surgery. With this type of process a man can be assured of at least having the addition a little more than one inch added to this male sex organ.


This is done when the surgeon cuts the ligaments, which hold the organ in the usual position and allow it to descend.

This kind of surgery is becoming quite popular and is very effective for increasing the size of the male reproductive organ.

One other kind of surgical technique that is also becoming well accepted among the male population is the dermal implant.

Things to consider!

With this technique a man can expect to gain more in regard to length and girth. This is done when fat cells are transferred to other parts of your male organ. This is also effective and safe for men to undergo and the results are promising.

There are times when the distribution from the grafted cells will result with clumping, which is known to provide a more smoother result in regard to this type of process for enlarging a this organ.

In many cases there are several urologist that may not want to perform this process, unless good reasons exist.
This type of surgery can increase the size of the male organ and is a permanent solution for people who wish to have penile enhancement.

Do you know?

However, the reproductive organ of every man is structured differently so it will vary as to how much a man can expect to see added to the organ.

There are quite a lot of programs and products that do claim to have the answer to finding the only solution to increasing the size of a mans reproductive organ.

But keep in mind that the main point here is for you to choose the right technique for enlarging your penis before you make your final choice as to which one will best suit you.

What Should You Know About Penis Enlargement Surgery?

Are you sick of not being able to satisfy your lady in bed? Did you try all the male enhancement products, but it was in vain? Did you finally decide to opt for a penis surgery?

If yes, then read each word on this post to reveal what some surgeons do not like to inform you about. It is your one time chance to reveal here one of the best and most honest male enhancement reviews.

What are the expected results from a penis surgery?

To be honest, penis enlargement surgery can help you increase both the width and girth of your penis. This is surely under the assumption that you found an excellent surgeon. Hence, it makes sense to take your time looking for a surgeon with many years’ experiences in doing such operations.

If everything went fine, it is expected to increase your penis size by 1 or 2 inches after the operation. During the operation, the surgeon will cut the ligaments that hold your penis in its usual position. This will cause your penis to go down temporarily.

What should you do after the operation?

Some people think that penis surgery is the last male enhancement supplement, but this is far away from the truth. After the surgery, you will have to use some sort of stretching device for a few months in order to keep the results from the operation permanently.

What is the other type of penis surgery?

A different type of surgery is widely known as a dermal implantation. This type of surgery ensures that you increase your girth as well as your length. This surgery transplants fat cells from different parts of your body and injects them into your penis.

The size of the head of your penis doesn’t increase with the shaft of your penis, so make sure you opt to not inject too much.

How much does this surgery cost?

There is no unique answer about this question. It surely depends on the hospital where you are going to have the operation, your surgeon, your level of medical insurance, etc. Here, you should be careful that well-known surgeons are not that cheap.

For these types of surgery, the cost ranges anywhere from $4,000 to $5,000. With a fantastic doctor and a long recovery process, it could cost you up to $16,000, so ready your pocketbook for this drastic measure.

Does this operation involve any risks?

When it comes to the risks involved, many ask questions like: are male enhancement pills safe? And the answer is very simple. Indeed, nothing is 100% safe and risk-free. As long as you take chemicals inside your body, there is always a risk.

Back to the penis surgery, as far as the risk rate of these surgeries, it’s very mild, but it’s the same as any other form of surgery, there are risks. The side effects can be damaging psychologically or physically, so be aware.

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