Male Enhancement Pills: How Did I Destroy My Penis?

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Male Enhancement Pills: Avoid Killing Your Penis!

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  • Pills, extenders, pumps,
  • high risk surgery, painful rings,
  • penis stretchers, tiring diets,
  • useless lotion, creams, oil,
  • expensive male enhancement coach, etc.

=>> All what it took was 6 minutes per day using ONLY my hands!

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Here we go…

Male Enhancement Pills: I was deadly frustrated!

Unfortunately, penis enlargement is one of the key issues to offer your partner the enjoyment she is looking for and keep your relationship on the safe side.

Hence, I was much more concerned about my penis size and how to increase penis size using whatever male enhancers including male enhancement pills.

Although, it would appear that I fall into the smaller-medium end of the ‘average size’, I was still very unhappy. Do you know why?

=>> I was deeply frustrated and disappointed because of the following:

  • The frustration feelings of my girlfriend simply killed me.
  • My lame performance in the bed made me feel like I am half a man.
  • The non-ability to turn on a woman is simply killing.
  • I lost my confidence to talk to any girl.
  • I could not afford to see happy couples on the street.
  • I totally lost my self confidence and my desire to live.
  • I was always demotivated, depressed, and sad!
  • Without overdoing, my whole life totally went down!

Honestly, my sexual intercourse leaves nothing, but shame, sadness, and embarrassment. Believe me; I could not even lift my eyes to look at Johanna again!!!

And what is even worse….

After each sexual intercourse, Johanna looks at me with a mixture of amusement and disappointing saying that it was OK, but surely she wishes that I could have a bigger penis!!!

Sadly, women share everything, and I think that our common friends noticed that our relationship is already on the edge, thanks to my disability to satisfy her in the bed.

I totally lost my self-confidence to talk to girls or even think about having any other relationships!!!

Believe me, when I suffered from my small penis size, I’d have lost one of my eyes for any fast solution even if it is risky like male enhancement pills.


Things went worse and worse….

Till a day, which I cannot forget till this moment. It was the day when I figured out that Johanna is looking for another man. Honestly, I cannot imagine breaking up with her!

Furthermore, I could not be angry at her. After all, if I could not satisfy her, surely she’d give up after sometime and look for someone who could!!!

And, with my small penis and being lost among 100s of male enhancement pills scams, I had no chance to offer any lady what she is looking for.

Male Enhancement Pills: How did I start my trip?
For long months, I surfed the internet for male enhancement commercials including male enhancement pills, creams, lotions, extenders, pumps, etc.

Indeed, I found 100s of websites that promise you to be a porn star in few weeks plus winning other advantages, including healthier prostate, urinary function and potency.

=>> And the solution was always one of the following:

Male enhancement pills.
Penis extenders or pumps with weights.
Male enhancement surgery.
Natural male enhancement exercises.

Here is my story with male enhancement pills:

First, male enhancement pills are definitely expensive. Avoiding cheap-dangerous pills, I had to pay around $90 per bottle including shipping costs.

What is even worse? It is the non-ability of male enhancement pills to help each one. Honestly, if one of your friends experienced good results, then this does not mean at all that you will get good results too.

Are male enhancement pills safe? ….
Do you know the side effects of these pills? …
Well, after one month taking around 30 pills, I experienced an increase in penis size by about 1 inch. But, for this result, I suffered from several side effects.

It started by strong headache, passing by stomach aches and losing my appetite. In the last 2 weeks, I experienced changes in my vision plus not being able to sleep well.

Then, I switched to penis extenders. Imagine what I experienced!!!

First, penis pumps or extenders consist of weights that are attached to the penis, or a pump that’s placed over the penis to create suction. These methods rely on stretching the penis; lengthening it by stretching the tissue, which can be very harmful if used improperly.

Second, you should know that these pumps do NOT offer instant male enhancement as most online shops claim. They just want to sell their male enhancement products.

3 weeks later after using the penis pump, I started to feel pain in my penis and it went worse and worse. Honestly, I was really afraid that I did something wrong and I decided to consult one of the experts in male’s health.

It was the shocking truth when he told me that penis pumps and extenders may cause tissue damage that can result in numbness and impotence, and possibly even worse damage if overused.

I was fed up and asked for a penis surgery. Imagine what the expert said!

This expert jumped off from his chair and told me, No No No ! How the hell can you think like this? Do you know the risks behind any male enhancement surgery?

They range from permanent scars to surgery going awry and developing complications that may lead to permanent damage. Sometimes, complications may be severe enough to require amputation.

Then, I asked with real tears in my eyes:

What would be then the optimal solution?
He did NOT even think twice and told me: You should opt for natural male enhancement without pills. In addition, you should forget all about male enhancement pills, extenders, pumps, weights, and all these useless male enhancement supplements.

Adding to this, he told me more than 3 times that there is nothing called safe male enhancement pills. Each medicine has side effects and no one can guarantee how your body will react to any kind of medicine, even penis pills, lotion, creams, etc.


=>> And, this was the turning point in my life!

.After 6 weeks of long search online and browsing over 50 male enhancement reviews; I found out that almost each one recommends visiting the website of PenisAdvantage.

Well, I landed there and dived into each word of the website. And, you know:

Why did I decide to give PenisAdvantage a serious try?

They have nothing to do with male enhancement pills, surgery, or extenders.
Their exercises for male enhancement are done only using hands.

All of all, it takes only 6 minutes per day.
PenisAdvantage is all about “herbal” male enhancements.

The guide was very easy to follow and understand.
PenisAdvantage offers an outstanding coaching program if you have questions.

Google search told me that the author is a real expert!
I thought that 100s of independent customers cannot be an accident.

Now, after 8 weeks with PenisAdvantage, here are my true-honest results:

I increased my penis size by 4 inches in length and girth. Unbelievable, right?
I did not suffer at all from any side effects.

I have never experienced such good erections before.
Johanna was never impressed by me as she was that day.

Amazingly, my penis head got bigger.
For the first time, I had 2 orgasms in one night. I was really soooo happy 🙂

Thanks to PenisAdvantage, I won my girl back.
Now, I feel happy, motivated, and 100% self confident.

I do not feel jealous anymore from any happy couples.
I am 100% sure and confident that I can turn any woman on.

Did I tell you this amazing fact?

  • PenisAdvantage works with a third party world-wide sales network called ClickBank.
  • ClickBank offers money back guarantee for 60 days without any questions asked.

Nevertheless, to be honest with you, here is 1 disadvantage:

  • In your first week, you will see a big difference.
  • But, you will experience your final-great and really impressive results in 6-8 weeks.

Why did not I hold myself back though this disadvantage?

Practically, natural male enhancement exercises do offer good results, but they are not as fast as surgery, or male enhancement pills. But…

  • Penis surgery does have serious risks that I do not like to think about.
  • Male enhancement pills have serious side effects, which you may not afford.

So, if you are in a top hurry to get quick results and take high risks, then you may opt for a penis surgery, or what is falsely called natural male enlargement pills.

On the other side, if you like to increase your penis size naturally and safely, then nothing comes near to herbal male enhancement exercises.


So, dear sufferer, I can tell you now:

  • It is unbelievable feeling to get my girlfriend back.
  • I cannot describe the happiness I have after each sex course.
  • I have never felt confident like today.
  • I am 100% sure now that I can turn any woman on 🙂
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If you like to enjoy the same feelings, then:

… Never forget that false enhancement pills can destroy your fertility…

… Forget about magic male enhancement pills scams, useless rip-off pumps, or penis surgery…

… Natural male enhancement is now possible and 100% safe using ONLY your hands …

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